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Bath Salts with Essential Oils

jessica | April 6, 2016

Who doesn’t love to soak in a hot bath with bath salts?! I know I do! Loving this new bath salt with added essential oils!

What You Will Need:


  • 1 Cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
  • Your Favorite Essential Oil
  • Powder Food Coloring if you want it colored (optional)


Place epsom salt and baking soda in a dish and stir well.

Then, add your essential oil to your desired smell and stir.

Add powder food coloring if you choose, I didn’t use any.

bath salt pic

I then put it into a cut mason jar and added a cute purple fabric to represent “lavender” since I didn’t use and coloring in the mix. This would make for a great Mother’s Day gift, Teacher Gift, or a gift just for you!

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Body Butter with Essential Oils

jessica | March 28, 2016

Spring has sprung and after a dry cold winter, moisturizing our skin is a must!! And, you’ll love this body butter combo made with love!!

What You Will Need:


  • 1/2 Cup Shea Butter
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Almond Oil
  • Your favorite Essential Oil
  • Microwavable Safe Dish
  • Wide Mouth Jar, I use a small Mason Jar

How To:


Put Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a microwavable safe dish, and microwave in 20 second increments stirring each time until all is melted.


Put melted mix into a bowl that you can use a mixer in.


Place into fridge until firm, but not hardened.


Once firm, whip on high with a mixer until all is whipped together, making it fluffy!


Then add your favorite Essential Oil (I used Lavender) to your desired smell and the Almond Oil, and stir until well blended.

body butter

Then put into your container with a lid and let it harden for about an hour, if you want a harder butter put in the fridge.



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Easter Table Decorations

jessica | March 21, 2016

Easter is right around the corner. I love to decorate my home for the Holiday. Easter is so special to me. It is a reminder of the LOVE that Jesus has for us and our hope for the future.

I like to start these at least a week before Easter.


I start out with:

  • throw away cake pans
  • potting soil
  • rye or wheat grass


First add a layer of potting soil. Just enough so that you don’t see the bottom.


Next add a layer of rye or wheat grass. Covering the potting soil. Gently press down. and then WATER…. Everyday…


Next I took wooden eggs from Hobby Lobby.  Decorate!!!!


Once grass has started growing. It will Absorb all of the potting soil & just remove from the pan.. AND… instant easter grass…


ADD eggs & rabbit…


The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. -Romans 8:11

He is Not here for He has Risen, just as He said! -Matthew 28:6

I am the Resurrection and the Life he who Believes in Me will LIVE, even though He DIES; and whoever lives and BELIEVES in Me will never DIE! -John 11:25-26

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Custom Photo Candle Holder

jessica | March 15, 2016

There isn’t anything that I love more than my family. Especially pictures of my family. So I decided to try my hand at making custom photo votives. The technique that I used is super simple & fairly inexpensive. I used clear packing tape to transfer the photos. It takes just a few minutes to turn black and white, or even full color, images and text into creative transfers that resemble transparent stickers.

Custom Photo Candle Holders – DIY Packing Tape Transfers


-Photos or Text- color or black and white- printed on a Laser Printer or Toner Copier

-Heavy Duty Packing Tape

-Glass Votive Candles

-Bone Folder or Wooden Craft Sticks

-Bowl of Warm Water



Step One: Select and Print Photos or Text


Step Two: Trim down the photos. I trimmed the photos to fit the glass candle holders. Keep in mind that any “white” spaces will become transparent once the transfer is complete.


Step Three: Apply the packing tape. I used a heavy duty shipping packaging tape however, any brand should work just as well for this process. Lay a strip of packing tape directly on your image and lightly press the tape in place. Make sure there aren’t any air bubbles or ripples in the tape- this will prevent the image from transferring correctly.


Step Four: Burnish the packing tape with the bone folder or wooden craft sticks. (burnish= rub really hard) This allows the packing tape to make a good contact with the image.


Step Five: Place the transfer into a bowl of warm water. Let transfer sit for a few minutes- until the paper is completely saturated. Note: Do not leave sitting in water too long.


Step Six: Remove the paper backing from the transfer. Gently rub your thumbs, in a circular motion, over the paper backing. This process will take a few minutes as the paper ‘gums’ up. Continue rubbing until all of the paper on the back is removed.


You may need to continue to dip the transfer back into the water throughout this process.  This is an example of one that needs to be dipped again.

Step Seven: Lay the transfer on a clean flat surface to dry. Depending on the brand of packing tape you use- once the transfer dries, the tape will become sticky again.


Step Eight: Adhere the finished transfer.

If you are not going to be using the transfers right away, they can be stored on a sheet of wax paper. Hope you try this and enjoy the results as much as we do.




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HomeMade Organic Baby Food!

jessica | March 7, 2016

Baby Gus is ready for baby food! We are so excited to start on solids, what better way to do it than making our own with fresh organic fruits and vegetables!? Baby foods off of the shelves have so many preservatives and plus they are yuck! I don’t blame babies for not liking them! When making your own baby food, you know exactly what is going into it and it tastes better because it’s the REAL deal! So I encourage all you mothers out there to start making your baby’s food, and on the bright side it saves so much money!



Shelf Baby Food vs. HomeMade Baby Food

  1. Shelf food is good for up to 3 years vs. home made baby food is good for 3 days in the fridge and 30 days in the freezer!
  2. Shelf food cost roughly $0.50 a container which is about $20.00 for 40 containers  vs. me spending roughly $8.00 and making 40 containers of baby food!
  3. Shelf food has added preservatives vs. home made food just added water!

Do I Have You Convinced Yet?

Here’s how easy it is to make a months worth of baby food in just a few hours!

Start off  going to your local market and getting organic fruits and veggies! I started off with bananas, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and avocadoes. Make sure to wash them thoroughly when you get home!



I bought a baby bullet system to make my baby food because it is easy. It has a recipe book with nutritional information about each fruit and vegetable and what they do to help your baby. Bonus? It was fairly cheap! You can find them at Walmart, Target, Toys-r-us, Amazon, and I’m sure many other places. The System comes with the blender, small cup blender, 6 baby food jars with date dial, spatula, and an easy pop batch tray.  Cost- $59.99.  The steamer cost-$29.99.  You can use any blender, steamer or even boil them!


After I washed all my fruits and veggies, I started first with the squash and I peeled and cut into 1/4 pieces. Then I  placed them into the steamer. (the steamer has a great instruction manual. Which explains what setting and how long each fruit or vegetable needs to steam for!)  You can also boil them if you do not have a steamer. Just make sure they are cooked all the way.


After the squash is cooked,  put it in the blender with about a 1/4 cup of water ( I use nursery water to steam and to puree it).



This is with about a 1/4 cup nursery water. The left picture is squash which isn’t as thick as the sweet potatoes pictured on the right. I started out with the thinner purees at first and thickened them as he got used to them. Add water according to the desired thickness: more water for it to be thinner and less for it to be thicker. ( The baby bullet has a guide to how much water you should place in each puree).



Then pour the purees into the easy pop out batch tray and its ready to freeze! Or you can go to Walmart and get easy pop out ice trays for only $2.34!  Remember: They are good for 30 days in the freezer and 3 days in the fridge!



You can also put them into the Baby Bullet  jars and put them into your fridge.  The jars have a date dial, so you can know when you made them!  Another option is an Infintino Simple Squeeze Set (you can get at Walmart, Amazon or Infintino.com). They are so handy and you can freeze them too!



We now have our frozen baby food! I also bought some Ziploc Tupperware to put the frozen food in so it can thaw and be ready to eat or to take on the go!

(If you notice, I wrote with a dry erase marker on the front of the trays. So I would know the date and what food were in the trays).

 Helpful Tips

  • You only have to steam hard fruits and veggies such as:
    • squash
    • sweet potato
    • carrots
    • apples
    • pears
    • etc.
  • You don’t have to steam anything that is soft just peel and blend! Such as:
    • bananas
    • avocados
    • etc.
  • I take the skin off everything. And if something has a for I remove that as well.
  • Make sure to always write the date somewhere (I use a dry erase marker)!


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All Natural Honey and Goat Milk Soap

jessica | February 16, 2016


What You Will Need:




  • 2 lbs Goat Milk Soap Base
  • 6 Tbsp Organic Raw Honey
  • Yellow and Red Soap Colorant
  • Silicone Honeycomb Mold
  • Microwavable Pouring Dish






How To:


Cut up soap molds into cubes and put into a microwavable safe pouring dish.


Then, put in the microwave in 40 second increments stirring each time until all melted.


Once all is melted stir in 6 tablespoons of honey and about 3 drops of yellow colorant and 1 drop of red colorant.


Pour melted mixture into soap molds and let it sit until hardened. (Do not move while hardening)


Then, pop out of the molds once they have hardened!


I put mine into a small mason jar and added a cute bee top, now makes for a perfect heart felt gift!

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DIY Seasonal wood chalk board

jessica | September 23, 2015

This craft is one of my faves and would make a great teacher or friend gift!

It’s also easy to find material, look at your local craft stores.

Good for any season or holiday


          What You Will Need:

  • Piece of Wood (you can find at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or your local craft store)
  • Chalk Board Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Chalk


Paint the middle of the wood with chalkboard paint.


Let the paint dry!


Then, chalk your favorite message, bible verse, holiday, or seasonal touch!

It’s as simple as that!

You can even let your kids make one for their rooms and let them write/chalk their favorite scripture or positive saying.

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Great Baby Shower Gifts…..Made with Love

jessica | September 16, 2015

This is a cute, fast, and affordable baby shower gift idea. They are so simple and adorable. There is no pattern, which makes thing super simple and you can also use your scraps if you don’t want to run to the fabric store. Also, if you make a bunch at one time you can have some stocked up in case if your in a hurry, you can just grab one and go!

Baby Burp Cloth

IMG_0704   IMG_0707

What you will need:


  • 1/3 yard of Minky Fabric
  • 1/3 yard of Patterned Fabric
  • Matching Thread



Cut out 11”x 19”rectangles of each fabric.


Pin the rectangles together (right sides together).

bib 2

Sew together with a ½” seam, leaving a 1” opening in the middle of one edge.


Flip right side out and sew a top stitch all the way around including the opening.



Baby Bandana Bib


What you will need:

  • At least 11″x11″ of fabric (this size fits infants for a bigger size go up to a 12″x12″ or 13″x13″ depending on what size you need)
  • Matching thread
  • Easy Fastener Kit (you can find at any craft store)


Cut an 11”x11” square of your fabric.


Fold diagonally so the edges meet (right sides together).

bib 2

Sew together with a 1/2″ seam, (DO Not sew the fold) leaving 1″ opening in the middle of one of the edges, so you can turn it right side out.


Flip right side out and stitch a top stitch around the edges including the opening(Do Not sew the fold).


Place fastener on the two corners that would go around the neck, I use an Easy Fastener Kit and you can follow the directions off the back of the package.


Makes great for a baby shower gift!

And everyone loves handmade gifts!



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Mamaw Lola’s Sewing Room

jessica | July 28, 2015

My love for sewing began long before i started actually doing it. I use to love going in to my Mamaw Lola’s sewing room. Even though no one else thought much about it, i thought it was magical!!! To take scraps of fabric, and create a beautiful piece of clothing or quilt…. What’s not magical about that! She had jars of buttons, spools of thread, bolts of fabric, and lots of patterns. I think she could sew just about anything.

When Jep and i got married Oct. 7 2001, i started going to work with him and answered phones and took orders for duck commander. Not too long after we got married i decided i wanted to learn how to sew, so i went to a local

Fabric store ‘quilt-­‐n-­‐stitch” and signed up for their next beginners sewing class.

And that’s where it all started. I will share with you my love for quilting and creating beautiful clothes as well as craft projects. I will post all the things I’ve made in the past as well as new projects!! Hope you can join in on the fun!

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About Me

About Me
Hello! My name is Jessica Robertson and I’m married to the youngest Robertson, Jules Jeptha, and yes I love the BEARD!

I am so glad you could join me on this endeavor of life without the cameras. I hope this lifestyle blog will encourage you, inspire you, and down right draw us closer together.

Life is short, so let’s encourage and lift each other up. I’m passionate about life and believe The Cure is LOVE! Doesn’t matter where you come from or how old you are, we are all in this together and we can learn from one another.

I know that without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I’d be lost. And I live with the peace that Christ died for my sins and rose from the grave and now isn in Heaven preparing a place for me, that’s what my hope is in, that one day I will live for ETERNITY in HEAVEN with my GOD.

I’m a blessed mama of four. I’m a lover of all things vintage. I’m an oldie at heart. I may have been born in the wrong century. I cry when anyone else cries, which my kids make fun of. I want to be a farmer when I grow up. And last but not least, I LOVE my mate!

Hope you can join me on this journey of life, cooking, gardening/living off the land, fashion/beauty, sewing/creating, Holiday’s, and more.

Lets learn together!